Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sir Perseverence the Squirrel and our Backyard Bird Feeder

Throughout the winter months our humble backyard bird feeder has been visited by the most tenacious squirrel I've ever met. I think I shall name him Sir Perseverance because that is is his most striking quality. Below I have posted a play by play, scene by scene, example of his activity. He has single handedly advanced from being the skinniest squirrel in the neighborhood - to holding the record of "fattest" squirrel in Texas. All in one winter of daredevil acrobatics... (Savannah took the pictures) Here Sir Perseverance is, he's just popped his head over the fence. It's humorous to see him do this when you are watching from the kitchen window... Sir Perseverence is the name - nuts is my game. Is the coast clear? Our squirrel hopped the fence and skittered over to a tree near the bird feeder. Cheeky little guy, I think he's going to attempt our squirrel proof "bird" feeder. The prize is in sight. And since faint heart never won fair lady- err- nuts - our intrepid knight prepares himself for a leap of faith. It can't be more than a couple feet - I can do this! ~Kamikaze!!!!~~~~~ We didn't get a picture of his flight, but I assure you it was something. By this time we were all gathered around the little kitchen window, watching breathlessly, as we waited for Sir Perseverance the Intrepid to make his next move. Down the pole, paw over paw, can I do this, yes I can! Nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts! I can almost taste them. Just a little further, come on ya little swinging hut! HA! Maybe I can reach them better from this angle...Mmm- wonderful - darling - delectable - divine - heavenly - Ummm, help? Anybody? Hey little chickadee in the bannana bush over there! YEAH I'm talking to YOU, can ya just give me a little push? What do you mean I'm robbing YOUR food bank? Hey - GET back over here. Does nobody care these days? At least I landed on all fours. Hey Look! I knocked some seeds and nuts down, maybe it wasn't a wasted trip after all... Do my ears deceive me or is that the sound of people laughing? Wait a second, THAT is the sound of people laughing. This is humiliating, what do they think I am? Some kind of walking circus? Hey you guys with the hairless faces - I bet you've never been a hungry squirrel in the dead of winter huh? You think that was funny? How about I just show you.... Nevermind, this is just too embarrasing. I'll come back later when the crowds cooled off. Poor Squirrel, we watched him every time he made a visit to our feeder. In time it became annoying instead of cute and now that it is summer Sir Perseverance is discouraged from making any more of his daily visits. As a result I think he has lost a pound or two.
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