Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~Ship in a Bottle~

~Life has been incredibly convoluted of late - or maybe its just my brain. Its like being trapped in a big bottle (you know, the kind that has a little sail boat inside), peering out the narrow hole at the wide wide world outside. Too many decisions, too many factors. Through it all the comforting thing is, I am NOT the master of my fate, or the captain of my soul. Christ is. And He's steering me heavenward - one stormy wave at a time...

 ~Trapped, but safe.~

 ~The illusion. Can you see it?

 ~My Captain is Christ. My Compass is His Word.~

 ~Sailing Heavenward~


Hannah Rebekah said...

That is very cool!

-Hannah Rebekah

Justice Pirate said...

That was pretty unique to set up the bottle in front of the ship like that and set it free. awesome shoot. I loveeeeeee the ship too. ;)

à la Modest said...

Brilliant and beautiful idea---same with the allusion to Christ as the captain! I like it!

Lauren said...

Thank you ladies! I'm so glad you liked the idea...


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