Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bearing in Love

Bearing in Love

( A poem I wrote sometime ago, dealing with our need to love and forgive one another in this race we are all on!)

"There once were two runners,
Both running the same road,
Friendly, with loving words,
Till troubles and dirt arose."

"Then one despised the other,
And took a different path,
To avoid the brother,
Who had caused him much wrath."

"There's too much dust and mud,
kicked up by that other man,

Every time he falls - I begrudge,

So now I've a better plan."

"I've seen him run to the side,
So I'll run the other way,
This trails easier, and plenty wide,

For my emotions to play."

"By and by another friend,
Ran up alongside,
I think I've started another trend,
The hurt man said with pride."

"How long will you run here?"
The newcomer asked,
"Just a little while, never fear,
Only till the obstacles passed."

"You're right, I like going around,"
Replied another, with them joining,
"Its much easier than up and down,
As for that
big sinner, we'll be praying."

"Soon the road was full,
"Hey, what's this all about?"
The first man saw friends pull
Each other, and shout -"

-"Lets start another trail,
I won't run by you,
Your clothes smell stale,

We hate the things you do."

"Its not my own doing!
I'm just what I am,
Circumstances came wooing,
That's why this course I've ran!"

"The hurt man saw a child,
Upon a storm swept sea,
Which next to his path raged wild,
She began to sink with glee."

"Girl take my hand,
I'll love you as my own!"
She replied, "I already am,
The child of your self righteous tone!"

"Oh my God," the man cried,
Striving to free his hand,
Yet in vain he tried,
But was caught in sinking sand.

"Turn back and run to the narrow way!"
The child pleaded,
"Destroy me by what you say,
To the one you once needed!"

"Hard and grueling was the task,
Of getting back on the right road,
"Why did I ever leave His path?"
Said he, dragging the child's heavy load."

"At last he stumbled upon,
The right and true road,
Stretching straight and long,
He was reaping what he'd sowed."

"There was the man,
Who had wronged him dreadfully,
Kneeling before a Lamb,
Who was nailed to a tree."

"The hurt man knew the sight,
It was familiar and dear,
But he understood more this night,
When forgiveness was clear."

"God does not make me wait,
He understands my need,
He entered hells gate,
To show me forgiveness by deed."

"Christ who had a right,
Redeemed me while I was in my sins,
I didn't even see my plight,
Or know the danger I was in."

"This miracle of mercy,
Took place before my birth,
Yet He planned for me to see,
While knowing my empty worth."

"I ran and knelt beside,
My once sworn enemy,
Letting go my pride,
One with him to plea."

"Forgive me God, my sin,

Pride, lust, anger, betrayed trust!
Embracing as we felt within,
Amazing grace blow and gust.

"My child's grip loosened,
She faded away,
In her place glistened,
Offspring of the day."

"She was beautiful and fair,
Strength and grace around her shone,
I am your answered prayer-
-Borne of Christ's righteousness alone."

"She now runs between us,
My brother and I call her -
-Love and Forgiveness-
The fruit of our cure."

"When the way is dusty,
Christ's grace shines brighter,
Through Him we are free,
To hold each other tighter."

Marie-Madeline Givaway

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Thursday, October 22, 2009


"The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground" Thomas Jefferson ""The first maxim of a man who loves liberty, should be never to grant to rulers an atom of power that is not most clearly and indispensably necessary for the safety and well being of society." Richard Henry Lee

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Of Princesses and Politicians...

..."The dominant political idea in the modern world is democracy...And where are the political theorists of democracy today? Instead of a rational theory it has become a sort of incantation. It is the open sesame of political treasure hunters everywhere." ..."Liberal democratic principles, evolved in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, dominated the nineteenth century, which however failed to refashion and think out anew, for the benefit of successors, the ideas that it was living on...Meanwhile democracy, for lack of thought, ceased to be a living political idea. It became a shibboleth, and is now not even serviceable as such...Politicians, like the princess in the fairy-tale condemned to the oracular utterances of frogs, seem scarcely able to open their mouths without some platitude about democracy flopping out." Alfred C. Cobban, In search of Humanity: The Role of Enlightenment in Modern Society What exactly is Democracy and how will it solve all our political woes?
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