~♥ ♥ Tuesday Treasures ♥ ♥ ~

~"Tuesday Treasures" is a post I do once a week with my favorite Etsy finds! That way I can share with the world some fascinating, and truly unique, treasures, that deserve recognition! (For those of you who do not know what "Etsy" is - go here to read about it! Or just take my word that its the bestest greatest most amazing online community ever created for those trying to sell their handmade/vintage wares!)

~If you sell things on Etsy and would like me to include something of yours in these posts, contact me in the comments, I'd love to feature you on the blog! This is a great way for those with online entrepreneur businesses to support each other. I do ask that your "wares" for posting be appropriate, modest, and not likely to give offense to others! On that note I do not always know or approve of everything else in these sellers Etsy shops - I am only featuring one of their items. So use discretion when viewing!

~Have a wonderful time crafting, sewing, digging through stacks of vintage dresses (oh heaven!), and doing all the little things that make our girly hearts pitter-patter!
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