Saturday, August 28, 2010

Even the Thorns

"Our human hope, it waxeth but to wane,
Hope faileth not that of Thy love is born;
Make hope our habit; blessed love constrain,
Till flowers bloom where now is only thorn."
~Amy Carmichael

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've been tagged! And awarded! So, here's seven random facts about me...

~I've been kindly awarded the "Versatile Blogger Award" by Michelle from "The Sword and the Rose". For those of you who haven't visited her blog do go see and get encouragement from her many heartfelt and genuine posts in all things pertaining to godliness and our walk with the Lord! Thanks Michelle for your sweet words about my blog, and for faithfully proclaiming the beautiful truths of a relationship with Christ!

The rules are as follows.
1. Thank the person who gave the award to you.
2. Share seven random things about yourself.
3. Pass it on. 

~So here goes scary number two, the seven random things about me that you probably didn't need or want to know! I'll try to just write whatever pops into my mind - without carefully constructing an outcome that might look better than it really is!

1. I hate spiders. They give me shivers and squirming sensations like you wouldn't believe! I know its a common condition of female-kind, but, it came to mind!

2. I've had Type 1 (juvenile) Diabetes since I was eight. There isn't a cure so far, so, I'll probably have it all my life. Its been a struggle, and yet, also a blessing in many ways. Through dealing with it from an early age the Lord has taught me so many things I would never have known without this particular trial in my life. I like to think of it as my refining fire, and the process in which he gives me hinds feet that I may follow Him to the heights!

3. On that note, one of my absolute favorite books is "Hinds Feet in High Places" by Hannah Hurnard. If you haven't read it yet, do get a copy! Its worth it...

4. I was born in Guam.

5. I love writing, to the point that if I don't have an active outlet, like a novel in progress, to work on, I start writing the most ridiculous things wherever I can! (Long comments on things, silly status reports, cluttering up poor friends pages and blogs - you get the idea!) Afterward I usually regret my silly outbursts of inconsequential witticisms, and wish I could take them back because I fear people may think I was hamming off or being cheesy. (Which I was!)

6. I have an unreasonable and exaggerated dislike of using "smiley" faces in my comments etc. Its a personal vendetta I suppose, mainly because I sometimes fear our written word is being "dumbified" by society in general! So I went on a strike where smiley faces are concerned. (Along with abbreviated internet slang) Don't worry that I'm judging you for using them though if you do! I have started to see that there are occasions when because of the nature of internet communication smiley faces are rather essential. So I do use them myself now and then. Anyhow, now you know in case you wondering, its not because I'm not a happy person!

7. When I get "into" something I'm really really into it. Nearly obsessed. Then I'm normal for awhile, and then I'm off to the new thing... I think it was more of a problem when I was younger, my family has too many embarrassing stories to count involving my interests, now I am trying to keep a balance in my activities and thoughts! One of my recent interests involved discovering peoples "personality types" , if you'd like to know what mine is - go here, here, here, and here. See, I told you! (And I don't take all the "personality type" stuff seriously, I do find it useful in relating to people though!)

~And there you have it. Seven completely random mostly silly things about me! Now as for naming some other wonderful bloggers to receive the "Versatile Blog Award"...

1. Victoria from "Justice Pirate" and "Ruby Eyed Okapi". Victoria blogs about everything from vintage inspired modest fashion and home life, to inspiring posts about ending human trafficking and encouraging posts about her walk with the Lord. Be sure to check out her blogs and leave a comment!

2. Sarah from "Country Musings" - who is always busy with homey tales about life, writing stories, updates on upcoming events, participating in modest fashion events, hosting giveaways... Sarah amazes me with her gentle and sweet spirit, I've often been encouraged by her posts! 

3. Atlanta from "The Story of a Seamstress". Atlanta is a lady of many many talents, her blog constantly inspires me with everything from her sewing projects, photography skills, recipes, talk about life on a ranch... Her versatility and organized purpose on her blog are really special.

~Thanks again Michelle for tagging and awarding me, its been awhile since I participated in a blogging "game"! So much fun...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~Tuesday Treasures: Edwardian Summer~

 ~Lovely vintage wicker picnic basket, perfect for those summer outings! For sale by Blue Bicyclette

 ~Little Bunnies Necklace for sale by Niandra

~Anne Shirley Dress, its Gunne Sax! Look at that collar -all the lovely lace! For sale by kinfauns

 ~Charming Peter Rabbit Locket for sale by Cosmic Girl

 ~Aeroglide Boots, for sale by Topsy Design

~Peasant top, I love the details! Also for sale by Topsy Design

~Cross stitch needle sampler pattern - for sale by Shakespeares Peddler

 ~Sheep and Yarn print, by esoul

~Water colored Roses Apron - For sale by Peasant Cottage

~Leather journal by inblue

~ I think I have an obsession right now with blue, brown, and white. With a dash of pink thrown in there too! After yesterdays "Edwardian Summer" post, I couldn't help continuing the theme!

Monday, August 23, 2010

~Mod Modesty Monday: An Edwardian Summer:~

~This outfit is by no means authentic, the blouse I found recently for a mere $0.50 at a thrift store, and the skirt is one my mother picked up when we lived in Scotland and has been in the family for eighteen years now. (I have so many fond memories of this skirt...) I paired them together with a parasol, cameo watch, and Edwardian hair style (created with actual "hair rats" and a million bobby pins :), to create a Beatrix Potter feel. And my sister graciously consented to take the photos, even when I came up with the crazy scheme of sneaking into our neighbors yard and taking pictures under their beautiful tree, literally bursting with pink blooms! I wish I knew what kind of tree it is, if anyone has an idea I'd love to know!

~Have a lovely week!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

~Fab Gab Vintage~

~ Don't you love these beautiful vintage finds from Fab Gabs Vintage? The sets are so cute too. One of my favorite Etsy shops right now....

Monday, August 16, 2010

~Mod Modesty Monday: Maxi Fashion~

~Things worked out so that I could post this week after all! We went blueberry picking last week, what better color to wear than blue? I found this maxi dress last week for $0.50 at a second hand shop, along with several others for the same price. The nice thing about maxi dresses is obviously that they are long and modest! (As long as the top is not too low, try experimenting with jackets and shrugs if that is the case) I'm fair skinned and burn easily, so, I almost never leave the house without a hat, which means I have quite a collection to go with whatever I happen to be wearing. That day I pulled out a simple straw hat and added a fun polka dot scarf...

~Here's a link to my submission on hypeed in case you'd like to go vote! They are having a call for maxi dresses right now...

~Hope everyone has a lovely week! We're enjoying our little dab of sunny weather, a great streak considering Washington's usual record of rainy skies!

Friday, August 13, 2010

~A Life Size Chess Board~

~We went to the park yesterday and I was excited to check out the "floor" of the playground! All perfect squares in maroon and lime green. There weren't enough people at the time, but, someday I want to go back and play a game of chess with people as pieces!

Monday, August 9, 2010

~Medieval Tournament Part 2~

 ~Don't make me draw my sword...

~It was fun pretending to jab at the photographer!

 ~Yes, I borrowed the sword from my brother and it is a wee bit too large!

~I made the maps a few years ago as a school project. I'm a lady in need of a good map. I get lost in the grocery store sometimes.

 ~My necklace and earrings from Les Dissonances!
~Companionship on the lonely vigil...

~I decided it was about time I made something for myself after all the sewing I'd been doing for the rest of the family! So I skipped the family pennant (It was going to take too much time) and made myself a pair of "arm braces" and a pouch to go with my dress. I think it turned out more "elven-ish" than medieval, but, it was fun anyways.

~I'll be trying to get some more pictures of the rest of the family over the week!

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