Saturday, August 28, 2010

Even the Thorns

"Our human hope, it waxeth but to wane,
Hope faileth not that of Thy love is born;
Make hope our habit; blessed love constrain,
Till flowers bloom where now is only thorn."
~Amy Carmichael


SisterlyLove said...

that is beautiful...

Melody said...

Ah, what a lovely picture, and what a perfect quote to go with it!


Sami said...

i love your blog!!!! Do you always wear skirts/dresses? I LOVE all your old things!!! Where do you find them?
I came over from Rosie's Ramblings.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!

Shelley said...

Beautiful...just found you and wanted to say your blog is wonderful and I am sure to visit again....blessings

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