Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthday Dress!

...My Aunt and Uncle gave me a gift certificate to Hancock fabrics recently.(Definitely one of the most wonderful ways anyone can bless me! :) Well I took a trip to our local store a couple weeks ago, and here is the result. ...While at Hancock's I found the beautiful, very "springish" fabric. The only problem was, I needed about two more yards than what was actually on the bolt. After long deliberation I decided to buy the fabric anyways, and hope it would be enough. I knew from experience that I could cut back the amount of material required with most patterns these days, but still this was a little more than I normally would go. But at last I made up my mind to go ahead and take the risk. Now I am so glad I did. ...Thankyou Aunt Karen, Uncle Jack and James! I had a lot of fun sewing this! ...Here are a couple details. And the Back.


Mia said...

What a beautiful dress! I'm hoping to start sewing again..your dress is so inspiring!!


Lauren said...

Thanks Mia! Sewing can be addicting :) Happy sewing!


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