Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eyes to See!

...How much beauty God has put in this world for us to wonder at! Even the ungodly can appreciate a breath-taking sunset or the birth of a butterfly. Yet it is a privilege reserved for God's own, those who by His mercy have eyes to see and ears to hear, to be able to turn that marvel at God's creation back to Him in praise! ... I love wandering about taking pictures of God's tiniest manifestations of goodness towards us. What would we be like if we had never seen a flower? Or felt awed under the mighty night sky? Often I need to remind myself not to take for granted the beauty around me, in the place where the Lord has placed me. ...Yesterday we went to a park near us, one difference between Washington and Texas is the number of parks! At least, where we lived in Washington there where we lived in Washington there were not too many! But here we have several within walking distance. I brought the camera along and had fun taking some of these shots! ...Some of my younger siblings are studying Helen Keller right now. As I listen to them give reports on her and her condition, she was both deaf and blind from infancy, I marvel at the way God created us. Helen Keller had never seen a butterfly, yet she wrote of them - comprehending their lightness and grace because she had been told of them. She had also read of them in books created for the blind. If she who was blind could appreciate what she had not seen, how much more I who have eyes to see should love what God has created!

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Johanna said...

Dearest Lauren,
I love your blog! It will be so much fun to be able to see what you are up too! Rebecca and I have been considering making a blog ourselves, I guess now we have too!
Your sister in Christ,

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