Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Blog Deco

...I have been making more pictures for public use :) And here they are! Actually, I am trying to focus on some Scripture themed ones so that will probably be allot of what you see in the future. If anyone has a picture of a bow being drawn (preferably a longbow) I would love to use it! I have searched all over for a good picture of a bow to go with one of my favorite verses and so far have had little luck. (I really do not want to use a clunky modern looking compound) Thanks in advance! Lauren Ashley


Julia said...

Hi Lauren,
I just ran across your blog from the Pearls and Diamonds blogroll, and I have to say, I'm impressed! Great pictures, by the way, I love the "I Believe in Modesty" one. :)
Lauren is actually my middle name... so already we've got several things in common! :) I'd love it if you looked at my blog at

Julia from Julia's Journal

Mia said...

I really like the "I believe in Modesty" button, its so feminine!
I also enjoyed your pictures as well :)

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