Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It appears I have been tagged by a couple good friends, attacked in numbers! Ach, well, we will see if I can come up with a few interesting facts about my humdrum self :) No promises for anything out of the ordinary..... First I will answer the pointed questions, then the random ones. See the below for the rules. Post the rules on your blog Answer the six questions asked Write six random things about yourself Post a favorite picture Tag around six people Link to the person who tagged you Leave comments on their blogs to let them know they've been tagged. What was the last movie you watched? Pilgrims Progress If you could live any were in the world were would it be? This is a hard one, those who know me could vouch for the fact that I change my mind quite frequently. (In the past I've wanted to live in Scotland, Ireland, Japan, any Island in the Pacific, New Zealand, and Oregon) At the moment I would like to live on the beach somewhere, a small beach house with huge bay windows sounds nice. Although a cottage in Ireland or Scotland is always welcome.... Whatever the Lord wills though :) Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility? To difficult to choose .... leaning towards Sense and Sensibility though. Again, maybe not.... Skirts or pants? Skirts, though I have nothing against pants. Would you rather sing or play a instrument? Okay I put my foot down and call this one a tie. I love both!!! Love or hate roller coasters? Define "hate" :)... Actually I enjoy small and interesting, namely themed, roller coasters. Just not the high powered thrill ones which seem to evoke images of bygone torture procedures in my highly imaginative mind. It begs the question, "is it worth it?" Okay, now for the six Random facts...... 1. I am not a picky eater. The two categories of food I might pass on are; really hot jalapeno pepper type fair - and this only because I'm not a fan for unnecessary bodily discomfort as you probably learned above in the roller coaster question; and egg nog, I loved this drink until I found out what was in it - so I blame it on the mind. (Don't take this as bragging on myself, because this fact is one that I genuinely "try" not to pride myself on) 2. I know what it feels like to be 350, but only people who get this will get this :) (Yes, it makes absolute sense when you pay heed the hint: it has nothing to do with age) 3. Three of my favorite books in the Bible have the same name. 4. I am writing a novel (or two, or three, or four :) 5. My favorite animal used to be a Horse, but now I've down/up graded to a Donkey. (Seriously, I think they are cute, not to mention the special significance they have in Scripture) 6. I love discovering new words in the dictionary, but am always hard put to remember to use them. Here is one of my favorite pictures, from the hubble space web site..... And since so many people have been tagged, some multiple times, I guess I will pass on the tagging part. Thanks Savannah and Rebecca!

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Martinez Family said...

Liked your post! But I must confess I don't understand your new infatuation with donkeys over horses! And as far a biblical significance goes, Christ in His glorified state was riding a white horse in Revelation when He was pictured going forth "Conquering and to conquer", not a donkey! :P Oh, well! I suppose the bible doesn't say we have to agree when it comes to our personal favorites amongst God's creatures, so I will leave it at that. :)
With lots of love,

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