Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Few Pictures Without Comparison

Here are a couple pictures we took of Joel the other day. I firmly believe he is our cutest newborn boy yet, and cuter than all other baby boy's I've come across. And I've got pictures to prove it :) Need I say more?


Becca said...

He is so adorable! Can't wait till we get to meet him. :)

Love you,
Rebecca Marie

jill said...

Lauren, he is the cutest baby ever!! Were you there when he was born? I'm really looking forward to working on the Labor & Delivery floor starting in April. :)

~Marci~ said...

he is very sweet. you have all been very blessed by the Lord~

Marks of Faith said...

LOL! He is very precious. Being the mother of a baby boy I'll have to take an exception to the cutest ever claim. ; ) But, your little brother certainly is cute! What a joy! I am sure J. & C. are all excited they were such sweet loving little Mommy types when they were playing with Cromwell. Blessings to all.


PS How's your mom?

Lauren said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

I wasn't there when he was born, though we talked about it before hand... I did stay the night with my Mom and Joel though!

I thought you would have an exception to the cutest baby boy ever statement :) Cromwell is one of the cutest too in my estimation!

My Mom is doing well, she was up and about, as I predicted, only a few days after the delivery. She has been driving, taking us to parks, grocery shopping, and Joel isn't even two weeks old yet! (All this was her choice, we wanted her to rest longer - but she was determined :)We are thankful to the Lord for His quick healing!

Lauren Ashley

Martinez Family said...

So precious! I love his little western outfit!

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