Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Beautiful Birthday Present!

We celebrated my birthday late a couple weeks ago. It was a beautiful day, sunshine streaming in, teacups sparkling, and an apple cake topped with cream cheese frosting ready to eat. Actually, the cake was less than ready when we got up in the morning, I was a little worried it might be windy - not ideal for outside birthday pictures - and the table had to be lovingly decorated over a good length of time. We all pitched in and the day closed with some of my most cherished birthday memories. Just so you're forewarned, this post will have lots of pictures :) Below are some pictures of the day, my favorite birthday present (You guessed, a new sewing machine!) and my first project on the aforesaid sewing machine. The long awaited box arrives! After much deliberation, and a couple late nights, I finally chose the Brother SE-350 model. Very satisfied with my choice... Obviously. Pulling out some of the finer extra parts - I love this machines features! Would you - just - unwrap! There, isn't it beautifffuuullll! Next came baking the cake and setting the table... I baked the cake in my birthday "finery", while Savannah and the little girls set a beautiful table. This was the main attraction at the end of the table. At least it was until the cake arrived. Somehow that pointed most peoples minds in other directions :) I love using my Mothers teacup collection on special occasions. We always get out the cups and polish them. Anyone for a cup of English breakfast tea? Consider yourself invited... Above is my favorite cup, I use it every time we have a tea party... And yet another tea cup. None of the pictures we took of the whole table turned out, so I guess that's all of the setting you'll see for now. And the delicious cake is out of the oven. This particular recipe of apple cake is literally to die for. No one can withstand its power.... Especially me :) The secret ingredient is ---coconut oil--- While the cake was cooling the girls and I went outside for a few artsy birthday portraits. Savannah gets the credit for all the photography... I had my hair up in sponge curlers all morning to achieve this Victorian effect. By the way, all girls who share my affinity with that particular time era and other bygone eras - I found those clips at walmart and wear them every day. I mention this because clips usually slide out of my hair, but these ones have extra sturdy grips and have not failed me yet. They are simply amazing and so practical! Savannah had to climb into our tree for this angle - it was rather hilarious. Thanks Nan for the great job! We are all thinking at about this point, okay, maybe it's time to be done? And we went inside and ate cake. Our pictures seem to be blurry whenever we take them inside the house. You can barely see the pink rose I am holding, my Dad brought me home a dozen - he knows how much I love roses... Here is my favorite picture. Jay decided to model the table decoration - which happens to be my hat. It was ummm, unexpected to say the very least... Two cutie pies ... choosing tea from the box of assorted flavors. Will you have Chamomile or Peppermint my dear? Savannah getting her turn in front of the camera... Again, great job Nan! You really helped make my day special... Okay, this picture turned out blurry, I'm only posting it so you can see the pretty pink roses. They are all dry now and I have saved the petals for a bag. The party ended like all parties do. Below is a sneak peak of some things I have been working on with my new machine. I will post more pictures soon of the finished results... Can you guess what this will be? Now can you? 15 buttonholes done to perfection with my new machine. Ahhh....


Karen said...

glad you deleted the joke post. smart girl.

Lauren said...

Ha Ha! Good try Johanna, I see this time you all gave the picture a credible name...

Lauren Ashley

Lauren said...

Wait a second, why are you telling me I deleted the post? Are you trying to set me up for another joke or something? I thought that we were calling a truce?

Lauren Ashley

Martinez Family said...

I am not falling for it Lauren! Or should I say Karen? Though it would be kind of funny if someone was actually playing a joke on the two of us gooses, and making us call each other Karen!

Anyway glad to see you are having fun copying blogs too now. Though it was a little funny seeing a blog created in April with post from March!

Loved your birthday pictures, I only wish I could have been there! I am glad you had you had such a lovely nice day!

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