Thursday, November 12, 2009

~Free Things for your Blogling~

...Its been awhile since I offered some free blog deco to the world, and my resources have improved so much since the last time! I now use a variety of different sources to create headers, side bar links, ect...I created everything on my blog. What do you think? Do you like it?

...I thought it might be fun to give you some tips, tell you which websites to go to, and offer things I've already made. Below are a selection that you may use on your blogs/websites! A link back would be nice but is unnecessary, especially if you want to use the images for link purposes! Most of my creations were made on Scrapblog, but I also use Polyvore and personal editing software.

...To use these images left click with your mouse and select "view image". The picture should open in a new window. Click with your mouse again and select "save image", this will save the picture in your preferred folder. When you want to put them on your blog go to the "layout" option, and add picture.


...These images do not need shrunk if you have a Minima Stretch or other Stretch template! They are already the right size so make sure to unselect the "shrink to fit" option before uploading the image!

...IF you have a normal template these images do need to be shrunk. Make sure the box is checked before uploading image. They will appear smaller than their stretch template counterparts, but I checked, and the quality still seems good!

~~Note, I have tried these out on various blog templates and backgrounds and they work well, however I cannot test every single template that is out there! My apologies if they do not work for you. Feel free to edit and play around with the original image to make it work for you, or go to Scrapblog and create some yourself! Or change your template... So many options...~~

~This is the first image I'm offering; how many times have you heard the phrase "its just a kiss"? I've heard it one too many times, it has come down to this - a kiss is not just a kiss. Make a stand for purity with this lovely side art!~

~~~Enjoy, my dears, and have a lovely Thursday!~~~

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