Monday, November 16, 2009


~And its Mod Modesty Monday! Today I'm taking inspiration from three sources, the highly anticipated new "Alice in Wonderland" directed by Tim Burton, an oil painting of a young lady from bygone Victorian days, and a dress that I made last year out of a vintage table cloth and wore to the beach with my dear friend. (Yes! you read that right! A tablecloth...)

~The challenge? How to incorporate these looks into something that the modern girl could wear and not feel too conspicuous in, and yet invoke the same sweet whimsical qualities of these lovely outfits.

~Personally I adore the dress I made, but it does lack certain modern sensibilities... Its not a dress to wear to the market any more for example. Although, to be completely and entirely honest, I have :) Yes, it generated the kind of looks you may be imagining!

~There is nothing wrong with standing out or making a fashion statement. Personally I would love to bring back the old vintage styles! But there are those days when you go to your closet, sigh hopelessly, and wonder, "do I really want to look like a late nineteenth century reject lost in the twenty-first century?" Its hard to be "different" all the time. So how do we fit ourselves in a less that romantic society?

~Here is a proposal~Click on the image below if you would like to view it in detail at Polyvore~

~White blouses trimmed with an abundance of lace may seem stuffy to many, but try pairing one with a pair of skinny jeans and modern accessories. The look is too quixotic to be true! A blue sash or scarf can be worn 'round the waist, letting it fall to a swinging length at the side. Blue or black converse shoes are comfortable, practical, and look whimsical with this outfit. I adore gold lockets, don't you? The large one I found at Mod Cloth looks just like something the white rabbit might carry around, only without the time :)

~Last but not least, my favorite part of this outfit is the black and white fingerless gloves~ Take a close look at Alice's hands in the next picture~ 


~Black and white fingerless gloves! So quaint! Alice often wears these gloves in the movie, if you go back to the first picture and look closely you will find she is wearing another version of this same glove, only with this time they are transparent!~ Below is a close up detail~

~Skinny jeans. Are they modest? I think this partly depends on the tightness of the particular pair and the body type of the young woman trying to wear them. It also depends on the shirt you are wearing with the jeans, is it shorter or longer? I've seen many people wear skinny jeans very modestly but this is, of course, a matter of personal conviction.

~Personally I love the classic look of jean/leggings or the skinny jean. It reminds me strongly of Audrey Hepburns style.


~Here is a tip that will save you time, money, and enable young ladies to be more modest while wearing skinny jeans. Alter them yourself. It is actually an extremely simple process. I recently altered some skinny jeans and, when I get a chance, I will do a tutorial of the process. The benefit of altering your own jeans is that you can control how tight they are, in, the ummm, nether region. If you take a pair of straight leg jeans in your regular size and alter them beneath the knee, it leaves the rest of the jean looser - and modester. 

~And finally, here are some more pictures for inspiration!







~Well, that's all for today! Don't forget to check back for next weeks ~Mod~Modesty~Monday~!


Savvy Girl said...

very interesting style you have darling!!

Lauren said...

I'm so glad you think so Savvy, I admit, it is somewhat, well, unique ...

Hannah Glenn said...

Very nice piece on modesty! I like the fingerless gloves. I also really liked your dress- though, honestly, I wouldn't care whether people thought I was conspicuous for wearing something "old-fashioned"- I just like those kinds of clothes much more, and often dress that way, so that people think I am going out somewhere to a party. ;)

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