Monday, November 23, 2009

~Mod~Modesty~Monday ~

~Today's Mod Modesty Monday post will feature the lovely company Shabby Apple, a company that capitalizes on dresses and accessories to make the perfect outfit. They run a little on the high end, but perhaps these pictures might serve as inspiration for your own creations. I love the vintage look Shabby Apple has managed to capture with their lines!

~The following are my three favorite Shabby Apple dresses.~

~Please excuse the brevity of this post! I am preparing for Thanksgiving and do not have much time to do my research. On that note next weeks Mod Modesty Monday post is canceled since I will be busy. I will be back the following Monday! Be sure to check out Shabby Apple for yourself, they have soo many beautiful dresses! (Do note that not all of the dresses they sell fit my standard of modesty! Perhaps they fit yours, or perhaps not, I just wanted you to be aware that I am not promoting all of their products as modest!)


Savvy Girl said...

the last two are my favorite!!!!

Hannah Glenn said...

Those happen to be my 3 favourite Shabby Apple dresses, as well!

I recently entered their dress designing contest- it was fun. I also have 1 of their dresses, and it's really comfy and cute.

Lauren said...

I'm glad you liked them!

How interesting! I guess we must have really similar taste... I would love to get one of their dresses some time; and joining the contest? Wow! That must have been exciting. If they do it again I will have to see about participating as well, I found out too late this year!

Lauren Ashley

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