Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa Baby

~And I'm back from my Christmas festivities loaded down with great new experiences, including but not limited to taking pictures in front of random salons, and, of course, pictures!
~We went downtown for carriage rides and lights~
And we decorated our house for the season... But before I tell you about these things, let me introduce you to someone rather special.
His name is quite easy to deduce, look at his hat!
He's a little saint Nick!
Our very own, darling, Santa Baby.
S.A.N.T.A  B.A.B.Y
Santa baby is so small and wiggly, not to mention plump, that he needs extra help wriggling into his little red suit.
Did you know that Santa likes to lick his boots? It must be all that shiny black leather and new shoe smell.
We're almost done!
The only thing wrong with this picture is that Santa's elves are, well, somewhat larger than Santa. Its a camera thing I think. In the north pole we appear our proper sizes; about two feet tall. The nice thing about Santa baby's size is that he can fit down chimneys so nicely.

All dressed and looking good!
Here we are under the tree. Ah, a good nights work done.
Few people realize that Santa is just as infatuated with the ornaments as cookies. I think he deserves a little refreshment after all his hard work, don't you?

~I'll try to post some more soon!~


Savvy Girl said...

I'm so glad I was able to get all those shots!!!!!he is a darling!!

Marks of Faith said...

Such great pics! I love the last one especially! Awwwww...babies! There is nothing as special as a baby at Christmas...I loved watching Cromwell experience his first Christmas and this year was just ten times better! You have a lot to look forward too with your little brother! : )

Lenna said...

That kid is SO cute!

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