Friday, January 15, 2010

Storks and Rabbits First Draft Finished!

~I'm ready to submit my first draft to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest on the 25th! Well, I'm nearly ready. First I have to write a huge teeny tiny thing called a pitch. And I'm having trouble with the pitch because they are troublesome things to write. Oh well - how does one squeeze the contents of a 60,000 word novel into a 300 word pitch in an eye catching manner anyways?

~I don't really expect my novel to go far in this contest, mainly because of the Christian themes throughout! Once the contest is out of the way I am going to try sending it through a round of publishers who may be interested in publishing it. Basically I'm trusting God to bring glory to His name however He wants, whether that means the book publishes or not. Its been a wonderful experience and one I can't wait to do all over again!


Lenna said...

I hope and Pray that all goes well! It is all in the Lord's hands! :) Congrats on getting so far on it!

Anonymous said...

600k? Have you secured a deal yet? That's a bit long for a debut novel.

Best of luck! I'd love to hear more about your work!

Lauren said...


Thanks for the comment! Here I was thinking 60,000 words was rather short! (The contest minimum words is 50,000) I don't have a deal yet, I'm waiting till this contest is out of the way before sending it to other publishers~

How about you? Are you a writer/aspiring writer?


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