Monday, February 22, 2010

~An Album of Grandmother's Hats & Grandfathers Trunk~

~Most of you know I have an addiction to hats in all shapes and sizes, except baseball caps, I have a thing against most baseball caps. (I did actually find one plain jean baseball cap I like....) But what most of you probably do not know is that I inherited my love of hats from my Grandmother.

~So, while we are here staying with my Grandparents in Oregon, be prepared for an abundance of hat pictures! Savannah and I decided to do a photo shoot today featuring as many of my Grandmother's hats as possible. Then, since we were raiding her closet anyways, we decided to pull out some of her most interesting wardrobe pieces to pair with the hats.~

~The trunk was my Great Grandfathers Marine chest. We dug it out of the shed and set it up on the sidewalk in front of my Grandma's house.

~Don't ask what it took for me to get Nan to take this shot. Not a good moment. Especially since that is a public highschool across the street, and it was recess.

And so ends theme one of our shoot. I'll be back in the next couple days with some more of "Grandmothers Hats" and "Grandfathers Trunk".

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