Monday, April 19, 2010

~Mod Modesty Monday~

~Well, busy though we are with moving in, I've somehow found time to put together this little Monday post. (Guilty sigh!) Enjoy!

~Winter is leaving and Springtime is in the air! While dipping into my grandmother's fascinating wardrobe I came across this cute Hawaiian print dress and adorable pink tea hat. Put the two together was the next obvious step!

~Here's a take on how you could duplicate this style, making the polyvore image larger increases blurriness (not sure how to work that out yet!) but you can click on the link to view the set in detail...

Sunshine Days

~This Modcloth sun dress is simply lovely in the details...Personally I would add a little length with leggings or sew in an extra ruffle.~

~Anyhow, until next week!

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