Monday, May 10, 2010

~Mod Modesty Monday, a Fashion Boutique called Ruche~

~This post was a little late in the coming, Monday evening to be exact! Still, better late than never!

~Meet Ruche, an online shop of modern vintage inspired clothing. Got to their website and check out what they have to say about themselves! Before I launch into the many wonderful things this unique shop has to offer, let me point out that they do not make a point to sell modest clothing. They do have some modest clothing, or clothing that could be made more modest if paired with the right things, but, they do sell allot of short skirts etc... That being said, take a look at some of the things I fell in love with while perusing their shop!

~Not only do they have some adorable vintage inspired pieces, like this vest, they also have darling sets! Look at the way they papered the wall with old book pages and made shelves out of books! Great inspiration...

 ~Ruffles are timeless, classic, feminine, and did I mention I love ruffles?

 ~I love the combination of color, profile, and textures, in this set. High waisted skirts are just about as vintage as you can go, and still look completely in tune with reality! (Unlike hoop skirts I'm afraid, only wear them to costume balls and reenactments please!)

~Take a look at some of Ruche's amazing vintage inspired jewelry! I love the locket necklace, and bird bracelet. Do you see the lace applique looking necklace on the right? How creative! I've been seeing allot of these lately, maybe I'll try making one someday...

 ~High waisted pants. Bow on shirt. Equals classic.
 ~For all you hat haters out there, I'm afraid a good hat will never go out of style. Join me in my cause for hats, and while we're talking about the subject, how about gloves? (We'll talk about that in my next Monday post!)
 ~I'm not particularly interested in wearing an Alice in Wonderland ring around, Alice was never my thing growing up! A bit too much nonsense I'm afraid... But the ring is sweet, and I thought some of my readers might like to know Ruche carries a good deal of "Alice in Wonderland" inspired jewelry.

 ~Ah, now, this is a bit more up my ally! I actually have a pin very similar to this - maybe I'll do a post on my pin collection sometime!
~And finally, here is my favorite of all the Ruche necklaces, its called "Don't Forget to Write Back". Isn't it unique?

~Next week I hope to be able to get out and take some new pictures if it's sunny enough - otherwise inside ones will just have to do! Have a lovely week!

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Savvy Girl said...

I never thought it would lead to all of this..........hmmm.....

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