Tuesday, July 27, 2010


~Currently I'm super excited and happy to announce that I won first place in Hypeed fashion magazines Theme "Farniente: Luncheon on the Grass"!!! (Click here, here, and here to see the pages I'm featured in the online magazine!) I'm sure y'all recall these pictures from a couple months ago...

~Yesterday my lovely prize, all the way from France, arrived! (I'm almost more excited about the packaging than the lovely jewelry!) Care to take a look?

 ~Many thanks to Sandra, the creator of Les Dissonances, who participated with Hypeed to award such a wonderful prize. I hope to have pictures up of me wearing it soon - I love how delicate it is!


Marks of Faith said...

Congrats girl! Can I officially say I know a Super Model now? ;)

Sereina said...

That's awesome! Congrats, Lauren! And that necklace and earrings are beautiful!

Lauren said...


Thanks! No, you can NOT say you know a super model :) After all, it wasn't about the model, just the clothing/photography!


Thanks! I think they are pretty lovely too..


Justice Pirate said...

I saw that you won and I was so very excited for you!!! Great job!!! Love the magazine, don't you? Weren't you on about 3 pages?!?! well your photos anyway, right (since the one was of your set-up)? go modest ladies go!! ^_^

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