Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Great Physicians Bride

The Great Physicians Bride
Praise God all ye healers, 
In His hands are strength and life, 
Make Him the hearer of your prayers, 
When undone by plight.
What a beautiful Savior to me, 
Healer of mankind’s ills, 
Unchanging in perfect constancy, 
Great Physician of powerful will.

Hands that make broken whole, 
Feet that pressed on to the goal, 
Blood that makes white my soul, 
Gods Self written role.
If I should die, t’would be gain, 
For what have I to loose? 
The Son of God has made it plain, 
Why continue to muse?
Death is not my husband, 
He lies crushed under Christ’s feet, 
Arrayed in white shall be my end, 
When my Maker I one day meet.

At what great price this peace, 
Has come unto my heart, 
His suffering knew no ease, 
To paint His bridal art.
Jesus shall bring me home, 
When this body’s done, 
My soul will no longer roam, 
But gladly cease to run.
By His infinite mercy, 
I’ll be Christ’s holy bride, 
Enraptured for all eternity, 
Bound to His wounded side.

Our God gives us wedding clothes, 
Perfectly fit to His body, 
For He fashioned them by His woes, 
And now covers our sin freely.

Who has a lover like this? 
Tell me if you can? 
Death can only shake his fist, 
While on this rock I stand.
I want to be buried in white, 
Bridal veil lifted above my eyes, 
Signifying this brides first sight, 
Of her husband who draws nigh.
When death comes twill be the usher, 
Who leads me down the aisle, 
The cleansing bath that prepares- 
-The bride, is well known trial.
On earth our humble victories, 
In Heaven He makes our crown, 
By His sacrifice she breathes, 
Who clasps close the wedding gown.

As “His Love” we’re beckoned, 
Wooed by irresistible grace, 
Among the Fathers children reckoned, 
While held in the Sons eternal embrace.

Copyright of Lauren East

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