Friday, June 13, 2008

A poem of mine

...One of my favorite things to do is write poetry. I give all the glory to God, because I know its by His inspiration not my own. In the next few months I will be posting some of the poetry I have written throughout the last five years. Some of them have been published and some have not; it is my hope that they will encourage you in your walk with Christ.

The Whole Armor of God

Give me marching orders Lord,
What should be my Battle cry?
My armor is Thy holy Word,
My goal to lift Thy name on high.

Though enemies should me surround,
Thy beloved cross shall spur me on,
I'll take my stand on holy ground,
Until my life on earth is gone.

I raise my helm and lift my eyes,
Fighting for a worthy cause,
Both slave and free, foolish and wise,
For Christ has kept Thy holy laws.

You've gone before and cleared the way,
I gird my waist with Thy truth,
Christ has taught me how to pray,
Preserve me the Serpents tooth.

The fiery darts that Satan throws,
I quench with my shield of faith,
I surrender to the God who knows,
And bringeth me to see His face.

Jesus is my joyful marching song,
My Prophet, Priest and King,
He holds me when the race is long,
And to Him I will sing!

Copyright of Lauren East


Sarah said...

I just saw your poetry page and saw this one.. WOW! I absolutely loved it. That was great!
You are good! Or should I say, God has definitely given you talent? lol!
I like writing poetry, but I can't ever get the rhyming stuff down. maybe that is why I just stick with books and novels.. lol!
Have a blessed day!
Love, Sarah

Lauren said...

Sarah - Thanks! Oh, I'm so glad that you liked it and were encouraged! Any talent I have really does come from God, one of the reasons I know this is because most of the time I "can't" write poetry, or, it just doesn't "click". Then sometimes, usually after a great battle in mind or spirit, I feel so enthused I want to write about it! And out comes a poem...

In Christ,

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