Monday, June 9, 2008

Introductions, Version 2

..Here is a more formal introduction. My name is Lauren Ashley, I am one of seven homeschooled children, and I was born in Guam.(A small island near the Philippines) Then when I was two years old my family moved to Scotland. To my great chagrin we only lived in Scotland for two years before moving back to the States; and being so young I scarcely remember my time there. It is one of the small disappointments of my life :) But I reconcile myself with the fact that I was there, even if for a short time! ...We moved from Scotland to TX, (talk about a climate change!) and lived in TX for eight years before moving on to TN. Just in case you are wandering, my Dad is in the Navy, which explains why we move so much. ...After living in TN for three years we packed our bags and moved across the country to WA. That was some trip! We had a camper at the time and drove ourselves, my Dad driving our rented moving truck. It took us several days but we finally made it. ... Washington was fun, although colder than what I was used to. God really worked in my family and I while we lived there. We had scarcely lived there three years however when, you guessed it, it was time to move again. This time it was back to TX. ...So we bought a travel trailer to pull behind our 12 passenger silver van and again made the move ourselves. My Dad and brother drove a rented Penske moving van from WA to TX, with the family following them pulling our travel trailer. It took us about a week, as we stopped every night at a KOA to sleep in our trailer. The quarters were tight, but it really brought us closer together in more than one way. ( "Is that your dirty sock on my bunk!") ...When we arrived we did not yet have a house, so we set up our trailer and lived out of it while trusting God to provide. It was an interesting life and I am grateful for the experience, but needless to say, I was also very relieved when after a few weeks God provided the house we now live in. We actually found our house on my eighteenth birthday and there was a big beautiful double rainbow in the sky over our house! The Lord is so faithful in providing exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. ...For now we are living in what we call our "town house". It is in a friendly, quiet suburb. One day when my Dad gets out of the Navy we hope to move to the country. But till then are content to be where the Lord has placed us. ...We are just now finally unpacked. (Well, nearly.) Life is busy as we attempt to start school back up. I am also trying to do more sewing again, we needed a wardrobe change anyways now that we live in hot TX again! And it is such a good excuse for me to spend time at my sewing machine. My family has been visiting an OPC church that is only about fifteen minutes from our house and we are thinking about joining . Our move, and indeed our life, has been a testament of Gods goodness and grace towards us. ...I hope you know a little more about me, and my family. Soon I will post more about the daily happenings around the East house! God Bless!

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Amy said...

Hi Lauren!

I am looking forward to reading more on your blog! It will be nice to read more about your family and what you are up to!

God bless,


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