Sunday, June 8, 2008

...My readers will probably all fall under three categories, those who know me; those who do not; and those who think they know me and find that they didn't know me as well as they once thought. You will have to decide under which you fall. In any case introductions must be made.

For those who are reserved and prefer a calm post, which simply lays out the facts; Please refer to post "Introduction, Version Two." I do not advise you to continue reading this post unless you wish to get to know me very well, so read on at your own risk!

And for those who like to laugh and want to get to know the odd side of me, keep reading...

...We are not yet acquainted, so let me introduce myself to you. In short, I am eighteen years of age and a smidgen taller than my liking. My major interests are reading, writing, art, music and acting. My passions are poetry, drama, fiction, piano, singing(especially opera), watercolor, sewing, Jane Austen's books, Charlotte Bronte's books, any missionary stories, flowers, and the list could go on forever!

...All for the glory of God. In everything I desire to serve Christ. And when I fail, which is often, His grace and mercy picks me up again and compels me to go forward. Lately God has laid missionary work on my heart and I am praying for wisdom in this area.

...I must admit that I have a tendency sometimes to be somewhat vain, or at least to think about eighteenth century clothing to much! That being said, I would wish to spare you a description of myself-or rather spare myself the temptation of vanity. Yet knowing that a brief description would be helpful in picturing me (well I know I like to be able to picture someone when reading a blog), I shall attempt a small humble portrait. :)

...My eyes are blue and my collection of dead skin cells which rests upon my head, more commonly called hair, is reddish-brown. The red hints in my capillus (hair in Latin) are primarily the effects of an unfortunate coloring last year-a long story I shall keep for some other time. It suffices to say, the red never came out, nor was it originally intended to be red.

...The shade of my skin is extremely fair, in consequence I burn easy. Which then produces freckles, cause and effect if you will... I have one crooked tooth, and it is a great accomplishment to have produced but one crooked tooth let me assure you. The downside is that the crooked one is very crooked and very visible; O well, it keeps me humble!

...One rather peculiar feature I posses is the "rat face." At least thats what my brother calls it. The "rat face" is my ability to scrunch up my face in an unusual way, especially the nose. It looks rather feral in its way, which explains the name. I only produce the "look" on rare occasion, or when I can't help it.

...By now you probably know more about me and what I look like than you ever wanted to. And you have figured out which category you really fall under. But there is still more! We haven't even got to discussing a certain organ called the pancreas. "O my goodness", your exclaiming! "Lets not even go there!" Yet we must, because in my case its important. Actually my pancreas died when I was eight and because of it my whole life was changed at that point. I usually wait and inform people after after I have known them for awhile. But if I did not say something on here you would never know, so I might as well put it in the introductions.

...I have Type 1 , Juvenile diabetes. Which basically means that my pancreas stopped producing insulin and now I have to give myself insulin instead. I feel very blessed to live in a day and age where they have discovered how to produce insulin, before this people died from diabetes and they did not know what it was. I used to take shots of insulin every time I ate, but now I have an insulin pump which delivers insulin continuously through a cannula in my stomach. I change out the cannula every three days and refill my insulin reservoir. Aside from this I have to check my blood sugars quite a few times a day. (It means pricking my fingers to draw a small amount of blood and testing it on a strip with a little machine)

...Diabetes is one of my greatest trials and at the same time one of my greatest blessings. It took me awhile to get to the place where I could see it as a blessing, but God has been so faithful in showing me that He can bring joy in suffering. It has taught me to trust Him, among so many other things. Some time I will post more on the topic, with further explanations of what diabetes is.

...There is so much more I could go into, but I need to save things for future posts! I've enjoyed writing this, be on the lookout for version two. I hope to be faithful to this blog, and to bring glory to God!

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Mom said...

Hi made me laugh while reading this! I guess I fall in the category of already knowing you.
Love, Mom

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