Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sewing with butter knives?

...Okay, Okay. So maybe I wasn't exactly sewing with butter knives, here is what actually happened. ... Sometimes the urge to sew just hits me and I can't resist running for fabric and a pattern. Well, recently my Mom brought home a long coveted item of fabric; A vintage battenburge table cloth. (I know what your thinking, a tablecloth!) Because of its antiquity and comparably cheep price, for linen that is, I have always wanted to try my hand at transforming a tablecloth like this one into a 1910-1920's dress. ...The first problem I ran into however was the fact that I had no pins. Now I was not about to give up my sewing over pins. So I fished about for another solution and finally came up with the idea of butter knives. No, not to pierce the fabric, just to weight the tissue paper pattern down.l It worked! (Not advised for the novice though :) ...After cutting out my pattern pieces and feeling rather clever, I ran into my second problem. I discovered I had run out of all white thread. This was insurmountable, so to my great disappointment I had to set my dress aside until thread could be procured. Hopefully sooner than later! ...Anyways, I just thought I would post this new tip about sewing. Maybe I am the first person to come up with the notion of using butter knives to hold down fabric! If anyone else has used zany ways to help them sew or substituted crazy stuff for appropriate sewing tools, I would love to hear about it! ... When I have thread I will finish the dress, and post some pictures for your viewing. So anyone interested in seeing a vintage tablecloth transformed into a dress, (which I shall wear everywhere) come back to see in awhile.

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Savannah said...

very funny and unique I know how you feel :)Savannah

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