Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here is another story from the Voice of the Martyrs, I found it humorous and touching. Enjoy!

Bill and John were near the docks in southern England when they saw the Romanian flag hanging from the stern of a ship. It was during the years of Romania’s hard-line Communist rule.

With little conversation, they recognized the mission field before them, untied their cases of Bibles and went aboard. They stepped into the mess room where the ship’s entire thirty-five-man company was gathered. Bill and John explained why they had come and began to pull out the Romanian Bibles. The crew immediately gave the two their undivided attention. Most of them had never before heard about God and his Son, Jesus. When Bill and John discovered that they didn’t have enough Romanian Bibles, two burly seamen grabbed Bill by the arms and gently but firmly sat him in a chair. They explained apologetically in broken English that Bill would stay there until John came back with Bibles for all of them. A hostage for Bibles—John didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but it was the only way the Romanians could make sure that John would return. In a Communist country full of broken promises, they didn’t trust anyone. John rushed to the office and packed his case full of Romanian Bibles. Within an hour, he was back in the mess room, where the crew gratefully received the Bibles and released their “hostage.”

Get the word out. That’s what Jesus said to do about his gospel message. However we can, wherever we go, whatever we do, we must be about the business of spreading the word about Christ. Our commitment may take us to the docks or simply to the breakfast table of our unbelieving neighbors next door. Either way, we must be prepared to share God’s Word with those who are spiritually perishing. Are you driven to get the word out about Christ? Are you conscious of the limited time you may have to complete your mission? Don’t waste another moment, thinking someone else will do your part. What can you do today to spread the Good News?


Anonymous said...

What an exciting story...! Voice of the Martyrs has always been a great source of encouragement--and conviction to me. I know my brothers and sisters in countries where Christ is less than popular would often be surprised my my cowardice in sharing him here...


Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds

Jasmine said...

Voice of the Martyrs is such an inspiring resource!

I found your blog through Pearls and Diamonds, and have enjoyed looking through it (as well as your other blogs). You seem to be a young woman passionate about the things of God, which is refreshing and commendable! Blessings to you and your family ~

Lauren said...

Thanks for the comments Abigail and Jasmine! I appreciate your feedback, it is encouraging to know other like minded young ladies are out there!

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