Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Texan Civil War Museum

Recently our family took my Grandparents and Cousin to a Texas Civil War Museum. It was an exciting experience! I was really surprised to see some of the things they had there, I had no idea Texas had such an extensive museum. They divided the museum into two sides, on the left were the Union displays and on the right the Confederate's. I jumped back and forth taking pictures of both, though there are more pictures of the Rebels - seeing that I'm partial :) Below is a small sampling of the pictures, I took nearly two hundred and plan to take more when we go back. My family bought a pass for the year and are already planning to take a certain foursome of south Texas friends when they next come up. I included a link to the rest of the pictures at the end...Enjoy! This was one of my favorite displays.... These are pretty rare. One of the first things we saw when we came in. A Rebel knife of disturbing proportions to say the very least. Here is one of the few pictures with "people" in it. I mostly took pictures of the displays. This is my Grandpa with some uniforms. He was born in New York and has Yankee sympathies :) So I took the next picture just for him. Its a New York Artillery flag. Who says the war didn't come to Texas? I really liked this quote.... I got tired of counting how many U.S. "manuals" there were on display. It was rather amusing after awhile. Here is another of my favorite displays... Jeb Stuarts spurs... A Texan soldiers rebel "slouch" hat. They had some beautiful dresses at the end, but I had unwittingly used up both memory space and battery in the camera. So I will have to get more detailed pictures of them next time. This was one of my favorites... Below is the link to the Picassa Album I made for the Civil War museum trip...


Robert L. said...

Now that is cool. Thanks for putting up those pictures for us to enjoy. I know all of us will be looking forward to touring that place with y'all one of these days.

Robert L.

Rebecca said...

It looks like that is a really really neat museum! Thanks for putting up all the pictures!
I can't wait to see you again!

Your young South Texas friend,
Rebecca Marie

jill said...

Of course I don't mind at all. Nice blog...very interesting. We enjoyed meeting your family when you were down here. Maybe we'll see you soon!

Marks of Faith said...


BTW: I need your family's address...will you please email it to me?



Anonymous said...


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