Sunday, November 15, 2009

Slayer of Dragons

~When He comes I'll know Him,
And exactly what I'll say,
He won't be imaginations whim,
But real shining like the day.~

~Here in this tower,
The fortifications weak,
I'm captive to the power,
Of Dragons that speak.~

~They grant me my desires,
The follies of my heart,
With images that aspire,
Yet are each a deadly dart.~

~When they come,
There's a rasping at the door,
I know they've won,
Before their footsteps touch the floor.~

~For my towers frail!
My windows barred with straw,
Compared to the iron nails,
That adorn each dragons claw.~

~Then upon the horizon,
There springs a shining star,
I see coming with dawn a Holy One,
I feel a grasp from afar.~

~See how the bar holds fast?
I'm safe inside,
Perhaps dangers past,
Then something flies by - jaws open wide.

~Running to my window,
I feel the dragons fire,
"Come to me" he roars, "lest ye learn woe!"
The white knight is riding cross the mire.~

~The dragon turns to face Him,
Fury written on his face,
"I'll rip you limb from limb",
He declared, beginning to pace.~

~"This one is mine,
I will claim her now,
So twas written before time,
No longer to you will she bow".~ (So the knight sayeth...)

~The brave words rang true,
From my knight and Lord,
And quickly the reigns He drew,
While in his hand was naked sword.~

~The fearsome clash of battle,
Louder than an oceans din,
Made my tower rattle,
As I cowered within.~

~There had been other knights,
Each arrayed splendidly,
Yet none had won the fight,
Or taken from the dragon my towers key.~

~In my heart I truly knew,
That this was finally He,
Come, to run the dragon though,
And set my captive spirit free.~

~~Ride on to victory!
May your sword stike true,
I have perfect faith in thee,
And in all that you do."~

~Three hours they fought,
And as evening drew near,
A mighty blow my knight wrought,
And His victory was clear.~

~Bloody and stained, with heaving chest,
He stooped over the slain beast,
Taking the key he had gained,
From around its ruby red chest.~

~The knight turned and looked up,
Straight into my watching eyes,
He mounted and stood in stirrup,
While urging His horse forward past the rise.~

~The key turned in the lock,
And gently He came in,
"Come to my castle, I am its rock
I have thrown down your stronghold of sin."~

~I wept at His feet,
"Thank you dear Lord God,
Come in and take your seat,
Be crowned with glory and laud."

~Note; This is not a depiction of Christ the sacrifice for our sins, but in fact is an allegory of how strong sin can take root in us and only Christ can fully crush it - sanctifying us in the process. I wrote this a few years ago while struggling with sin and feeling very oppressed, it was a cry to my Savior to rescue me.

Copyrite of Lauren East 2006

Some of the dragon images used in my artwork were from I cannot vouch for all the artwork on the website, (some may not be good!) and only clipped these particular images for use. Thank you!


~AnneGirl~ said...

What a wonderful poem!!! I really like it!!

Lauren said...

Thanks Anne Girl!

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