Friday, December 4, 2009

~Thanksgiving Trip~

And so, without further delay, here are the Thanksgiving trip pictures (and lengthy Lauren commentary) - not numerous, not exciting, and mostly not respectable. They are what they are. I'm still waiting for more to be sent, these are what I have at the moment. Above are two of my younger sisters in the car on the ride down. As you can tell they are getting bored. I was not so reduced in circumstances having my computer with me; unfortunately I did not have internet, which reduced my exciting boredom defense mechanism number one to the barest of bare above boredom extremities, having nothing else to do but type, I wrote about the boredom around me. And no, I will not be posting those notes here.

Myself and one of my bench mates. Luckily we have a mutual bond of respect. He knows better than to pick quarrels with me, his near twenty year old sister, and I appreciate the smallness of his size enough to let him squeeze his feet, fingers, elbows, and head, into all the extra space of my twelve by ten inch space of seat. 

Its a working relationship. And yes, I am playing gameboy. Its Tetris, so, give me a break!

Alright, so we've obviously arrived. Its Thursday morning and everyone, or let me rephrase that, the women, are busy in the kitchen.

Trying to find pie recipes.

Still trying to find a pie recipe. And that's my evil glare, it means, I'm drinking - get out of here you fool!

Ignoring someone always works...Every time.


Joel comes in to say hello, he garners attention wherever he goes. Check out his plump little belly.

Squishy Cheeks! Cutie!

Cookin' away, its a Texan day. (Okay, I know, silly rhyme)

Johanna is puzzling over a recipe. Lauren is displaying what her siblings have affectionately termed "the pompadour".

Pies in the oven. Goal #1 accomplished.

Savannah put the little curls in Becca's hair. I think this is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Jennifer arrived in the afternoon with her cowboy and buckaroo.

Julia helping with last minute preparations...

Nothing to note, I think its pretty obvious we're making rolls.

Somebody has a large grin...


Two hansome' lil' brothers, only one is technically not my "little" brother any more - being several inches taller than me.

Maverick is better lookin' and more clever than Hank. Hands down. Will entertain no argument.

Waiting for the feast to begin. I could say something about "species" here, but will refrain for the sake of my already abused readers.

Me, myself, and I. Can you believe that I don't have a single Thanksgiving picture with both Jo and I in it???

Cromwell looks cute. Caroline, well, perhaps too much anticipation of coming events?

Hearken thy ears to hear a tale of medieval days. (We put six? tables together...)

The turkey was tender, delicious, and succulent, the Lord of the Grill has my praise!

For some reason unknown, this picture was shot, of two very commonplace gents; who can understand a Lauren brains ways?

The candles were lighted, the dishes a veritable maze.

And no on got inebriated on sparkling grape juice, no matter what anyone says.

Yes, 'tis true, these two maidens were on a photography craze.

I move in for a closer gaze.
Here are two cups, are they both mine? Which one of them shall I raise?

Toasting invisible persons, or perhaps the air, is just a passing phase.

The napkin stays. (not that he wanted it in the first place, I'm just keeping up the rhyme you see)

He's thinking, why are there so many delays?

Who is so dainty, exquisite, and refined, pray? ( I know I'm going to hear words about this one. Its all for the sake of the rhyme Johanna - all for the rhyme! not that you aren't dainty etc....)

Poor Becca, what may cloud a perfectly innocent picture? Food in the mouth may.

As far as pictures go, and friendships too - this one is far far far from passé.

Anyone care to join the fray?

Weak stomachs be forewarned, you behold the half eaten contents of my tray.

And this is the scarcely touched depths of my Welch's sparkling cider, okay?

Wherefore art thou Jay? (The boys got up so we appropriated their seats, and I know, that was a cheap shot)

In the evening, when the fires were low, the pies came out and greeted us in full array. And now I'm done. I know array doesn't exactly rhyme with maze - I lost the s in there somewhere. You get the point.

On Saturday we geared up for the beach. Here are some highly anticipatory kids. 

Its funny what things you may find when you brighten a really dark photo. I found my hair was totally out of control. So I capitalized on the grainy messiness of the newly discovered image, and made this really quite interesting picture of Jo and I. Imagine you can hear Beach Boys playing in the background, we were employing all our faculties to not imagine Beach Boys in the background most of the ride. (I like a grand total of two of their songs)

This was Joels first time on the beach. Look at those squirming little legs!

Guess who?

Some wildlife...


Joel getting his first little crawl in the sand!

How does it taste?

This is called "safe surfing" advisable for the ages of 0-6...

Two dearies on the shore...

~And that's pretty much all the pictures we got of the whole trip. And many of them were blurry, I think we needed new batteries in our camera or something. Rather pathetic I know, but Jo has some special ones we took on her camera so maybe I'll post about them later. ~

~Have a wonderful weekend!~

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Sierra Elizabeth said...

I hate seeing posts like this! I miss you *all* soo much! I would have loved to be there for thanksgiving, looks like y'all had an amazing time. :) Missing y'all...*hugs*


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