Sunday, December 6, 2009

~Christmas for my Desk~

~Christmas time has come ~ And so, I decided to spread the cheer in my little corner of the world.~

~I added pine cones and holly and ribbons and a rusty old nail.~

~It just had so much charm, the nail that is. And I like to remember the reason Christ was born during this season.~ The adorable little girl? She's my mother, I keep an old photograph of her on my desk.~

~You may not be able to tell from this picture, but, I have a weakness for old books!~

~Did you know we have an army of nutcrackers? I didn't, at least, not until I found them all on my desk this afternoon. Apparently the dear little younglings of the family had a Christmas party while my desk was vacant, and forgot to take the poor things home. They have such reproachful gazes, don't you think?

~I am about to introduce you to a very special nutracker - so hold on to your hats! He's my own little gallant, the stuff holiday dreams and sugar plum princesses fall in love with.~

~Yes, this is him. Not very traditional you say? No, he's not. But he's mine. I chose him from among two dozen; the most special and unique of the lot. If you look closely you can see that he is preparing to go on safari, equipped with net and bag. I wonder if he will bring back a sapphire blue butterfly to haunt my dreams tonight.~

~This is our very own Clara, holding her very pink nutracker. She sits on the table next to me beside my growing pile of altered books.~

~Have a very merry week, and be on the lookout for my Mod Modesty Monday skinny jeans tutorial tomorrow!~


Lenna said...

I like the style your going! :)

Lauren said...

Thanks Lenna!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous map!

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