Monday, December 14, 2009

~Mod~Modesty~Monday~Young Victoria~

~~ Today we will be featuring;

 ~Who among us isn't thrilled about the upcoming new release "Young Victoria"? Here's my take on how to transform the victorian eras confectionery regalia, replete with lace, blue satin, and gold trim, into something a girl could wear everyday with ease; yet still feel like a princess. (And make more modest!!)~
Young Victoria
Young Victoria by Least 
~Do be sure to follow the link and check out the items in detail at Polyvore! I tried to find mostly lower priced items, but, its not always possible. I like to think of it as inspiration for thrift store "outings", its amazing the things one can find at local second hand/thrift stores! Be sure to check out the ones near you before rushing to the mall.~

~Note; though excited about this upcoming film I have not read any reviews as to content yet and so, cannot blindly recommend it! Do be sure to check it out for yourself before going. Also, as this is Mod ModestyMonday, I just wanted to point out that personally I find some of the dresses on "Young Victoria" too low, which is why, in my polyvore set, the dress I chose to create the look has a much higher neckline than the one in the picture of Victoria.~

~I can't resist putting some of these lovely pictures on my blog for you to see - regardless of whether or not the movie will be historically accurate, the costumes are to die for!~


~I love the red and gold combination on her dress, wouldn't it be nice if our hair remained neat as a pin throughout the whole dance?~
~I wish I lived in a museum.~

~All that lace! And Prince Alberts uniform....~

~Until next Monday then!~

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