Monday, January 25, 2010

~Guest Post for My Cousin with Autism~

 ~This is my little cousin "Punky" who has autism. Her condition is serious, as the letter below will explain. I'm posting this from my Aunt's blog, where you can read more about "Punky" and her family. They have come into some hard times recently and are asking for prayers and, if the Lord leads you, donations for "Punky's" autism treatment...We are trusting God to preserve them, defend them, and lift them up in this hour of need! Your time is greatly appreciated...

~My mommy calls me Punky and my middle name is Grace. With God's Amazing Grace I have overcome many obstacles in my life. So, my mommy thought a good name for my therapy fund could be Amazing Grace & CO. I am 7 yrs old and I have Aspergers Syndrome, a form of Autism. My brain does not work the way it is supposed to. I want to get help to teach my brain to work better. Will you help me?

~It is hard for me to do things because my brain does not work right. I do not run, skip or hop. I do not play on the swings or ride a bike. I do not color or draw. Writing my own name makes me cry because it is so hard for me to do. I cannot make my muscles work right to do all of these things. I want to be able to, but I need help.

~When my routine is changes from what I am used to every day, I get really mean and angry and I am naughty. I kick and scream and growl. I throw a tantrum like a 2 yr. old. I do not want to be like that, but my brain does not like changes. I want to be better, but I need help.

~My mommy found some specialists to help me. They only see a handful of children each year. My mommy prayed that they would be able to see me. They have an opening in February!!! That is very soon. i will visit a place that will teach my brain to work better. I will have a special test. My mommy called it a FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGICAL EVALUATION. They will test everything about me so they can help me. They will give me homework called therapy. It will teach my brain to work better. They will help me.

~This help cost lots of money... $1250.00 for the first visit. Then every 4 months after that, for 2 years, I will go back for re-testing. Those visits cost $850.00 each. My mommy is worried how she will pay for all of the help she wants for me. My mommy made a donation button in her side bar. Will you help by donating today so I can get better?

Thank you and God Bless~

If you would like to donate to Punky's cause follow the link here, and donate at the top of my Aunt's page!

In Christ,


Marks of Faith said...

I posted this on my facebook account and a good friend of mine (she specializes in working with children with conditions like your cousin) responded and wanted to share this link with you see bellow:

Kay Ness We can do this much less expensively -

Kay has lots of experience and is Christian lady who's devoted her life to helping families and their children over come these obsticals. You should look her up on facebook.


Lauren said...

Thanks Jennifer! I am looking up about this right now!

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