Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~A Mod Modesty Monday Post, not on Monday!~

 ~Today was a grim day, a foreboding day, yes, it was a Doctor visit day. I really detest visiting Hospitals, I know they are there to help people, but, I always connect them to needles, and blood sucking equipment, and sweaty palms while sitting in a waiting room chair being stared at by all sorts of odd people. (Actually, the odd people are one of the few interesting things about an appointment, but to continue!)

~So I was glad when I popped my head out of doors and found that the sun was shining, bright and cheery, despite whatever else the day might hold! To lift my spirits and put a sunny side on things, I decided to don something colorful and "springy". Easier said than done! I have this really rather dreadful knack for putting the wrong pieces with the wrong pieces and so forth, and take one original thought and turn it into a nightmare! (Much to the embarrassment of my family!) When this not infrequently happens, I turn to my sister for advice, because she is, after all, the cutest little thing on planet earth! (Okay, now she will be after me! Did I just say that on a public blog? ) And rain or shine, Nan usually has the best of suggestions. Usually. Luckily she had her stuff together today, and I owe it to her that I got out the door only ten minutes late instead of thirty. No kidding. It takes me that long to agonize over "What to wear and bring to a Doctors appointment".

~It may have been a bit too dressy. I was definitely regretting the heels when I got to the measuring station.... Quite a hassle getting them on and off.

~When I got home I asked Nan to take some pictures of the outfit for a Mod Modesty Monday post, and seeing as I was so long overdue, decided to post them tonight instead of waiting for next week! Then I kicked off the heels and gave a long sigh of relief, this posts recommendation? Save the heel heels for special occasions, not appointments where one runs the risk of elevators breaking, or having to take them off so someone can measure your height!

~I hope everyone's enjoying the rest of their week!

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Savvy Girl said...

mmmhmmmh???? what I think I missed something?????

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