Friday, April 9, 2010


~I realized recently that I've been rather neglecting my little blog of late. Very unkind of me. The thing is, I've discovered the interesting world of social networking, which makes communication so quick it turns my mind topsy-turvy. I scarcely know what to do with all the information at my fingertips. If any one else has had experience with this do speak up! I find myself lying awake at night wondering, forlornly, if so-and-so really will get over here cold soon, why such and such always capitalizes the miDDle of their sentences, when that person is ever going to get a hair cut, if changing ones profile picture once a quarter is too much or too little, and so on...

~Alright. So I'm exaggerating and being sarcastic! But it is true that having little bits of disorganized time on ones hands in-between painting and unpacking, gives just the right window of opportunity for a comment here, and update there. The problem will be slacking off in a couple weeks when we're all moved in - that's when the real schedule starts!

~I found this vintage poster on the internet a while back, oh the joys of mop and duster! It's funny how timing works out isn't it? Our house pretty much looks like a dumpster at the moment, so, I can relate, only, not to the "he" part. Substitute "they" and you've pretty much got it!

 ~Enjoy the weekend!

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