Sunday, May 2, 2010

~A Ladies Jacket ~ Mod Modesty Monday ~

~My grandmother came up for a visit last week, and we were able to take her to "The Little Red Barn". Just a local snuggery of creamy goodness in the form of melting ice cream over blackberry pie a la mode...To get up our appetites we perused the antique shop next store, and believe me, we took our time! Afterward I stepped out on the smallish sort of wilderness that surround the Little Red Barn, and took the following pictures.

 ~The dress is one I made myself last summer, perfect for hot weather. As I no longer live in hot weather, in fact, quite the opposite, certain adjustments to the outfit had to be made. Namely the addition of a jacket and vest.

~When going for a casual dressy look, almost boho chic, braid your hair to the side in a messy "boho" braid. I pinned a small crocheted rose to the band when I was finished...

 ~If you ever want to try something unusual, pair the flowy lines of a floral spring dress with the stiffer look of a ladies business jacket. It really creates an interesting contrast... I haven't pinned down the name for this style, or the era it hearkens from, but I know I've seen it allot lately. (Online that is...Unfortunately no one cares to dress like this in my neighborhood!)

 ~The shoes are a recent thrift store purchase, brand new Bongo's with at least a four inch heel. Ouch. Yes, I wore these out and about, but, lets say they won't become a regular part of my wardrobe! You may have noticed them in the last post, they became a part of the room decor the moment the walked in the door!
 ~I love mixing and matching florals, this purse almost has a "carpet bag" appeal to it, which was the look I was going for.

 ~No, I did not stick my thumb out for a ride. I know some of you were wondering...

~In other news I've been working on something new, yet old, exciting, but worrisome. But I'm not telling yet...


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit!


Lauren said...

Thanks Samantha!

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