Sunday, June 27, 2010

~How to Put Together a Patriotic Table Centerpiece~

 ~I'm starting to get in the mood for firecrackers, and barbecue, and lawn chairs, and patriotic songs. Yeehaw for my favorite summer holiday! (Oh wait, its kind of the ONLY  big summer holiday - here in the states anyways!) And its just around the corner...

 ~Things may be a little Fourth of July crazy around here for awhile, not only is it one of my favorite holidays, its one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. So I thought I'd do a tutorial on this wonderful Patriotic themed table centerpiece my Mother put together last week! As you can see in the picture she started with a glass cake stand, probably bought at Costco. You can use whatever sort of plate/book/bowl/board/tray you like. Just something to rest your pieces on!

~My mother and I have similar interests, and right now we're both in love with pails. But she was in love with them first :) She found this lovely red pail no too long ago, and for the centerpiece filled it with clipped roses from our garden. (Pictures of that to come soon!) You can use whatever kinds of flowers are available to you, daisies would be a nice touch, or hydrangeas, or other colors of roses -though for a patriotic theme red, white, or blue, are best!

~Next find some pretty doily's, napkins, and whatnot, to put under the pail. If you have interesting blue and white china, or other patriotic looking dishware, stack and arrange them around the pail. It fills out the bottom and adds nice visual interest.
~We found this AMAZING handmade card at an antique store last week, and it looks cute perched among the roses, propped against a flag for support. If you have a patriotic post card, sign, or any other possible paper craft ideas you might come up with, add it to the medley. The more the better!

~Don't forget the flags! Most craft and hardware stores sell these small dowel rod American flags around this time of year! We took two and stuck them in on either side of the pail. This is great if you have a really long table like we do (ten people to seat at every meal!), but if your table is small you might go for one flag. Or two smaller ones.

~And ta da! You have your super duper amazing patriotic display, bound to impress the neighbors! (*wink) This idea could be taken and used for any national holidays, if you live outside the US just switch the flags for your own country's - and plan the coordinating colors appropriately! (Or if you live in Britain, just switch the flags. The colors are the same :)

Have a happy week preparing for the Fourth!


Justice Pirate said...

quite lovely! This reminds me of my parents' display settings in their home. They have a lot of little patriotic set ups, but they are so cluttery that it looks awful. I've attempted to fix it but man they just don't know how to keep it uncluttery! Your set up is gorgeous though.

Marks of Faith said...

Hard core Lauren!

I think I'll just embroider Cromwell a shirt. : )

Lauren said...


Thanks! Yes, the trick is keeping it interestingly detailed and yet simple. No clutter!


I know, its definitely "hard core" patriotic decorating! Post pictures of Cromwell's shirt when your finished!


SisterlyLove said...

That is so pretty!


Lauren said...

Thanks Genevieve!


Justice Pirate said...

Thanks for your comment to me. I don't know if you subscribe or not to responses so I am responding here. I sometimes feel when I have read the Bible at night, that I don't concentrate on it as much and that I go to sleep and it just doesn't stick with me for the next day. To open my day with the Word really prepares the entire day and attitude that I have. . .so that's why I stated the beginning of the day for me.

Thank you so very much for sharing your heart with me and I am so glad that I met you in the blogging world!! It is such a joy, you have no idea.

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