Thursday, June 24, 2010

~You know its bad when you realize a dog is better lookin' than you~

~But at least their some pretty good lookin' dogs, and the wallpaper is too charming to be real! I want to move in right away... Photography by Winnie Au

Hope you enjoyed!


Justice Pirate said...

DOGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love dogs so much!! these dogs are adorable.

Bethany said...

Thanks for visiting my little home on the web! And yes! feel free to share and link back! :) The article "Saving my heart for my husband..." was written by a friend of mine, Emily Hipps. If you'd care to contact her, her e-mail address is

Blessings to you!

à la Modest said...

Hi Lauren!

Thank you for your words :) You're very kind! I would certainly love to have those photos featured. You are welcome to post them on your site!

PS-- Dogs are too adorable! My bichon is quite the handsome fella too! With those gorgeous curls, white fluffy tail, and people eyes... he's prettier than I!

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