Thursday, August 5, 2010

~Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - And medieval battles, swords, and clanging~

I know I have been pretty bad about posting lately, mainly because every waking moment is taken up with sewing! We'll be attending a medieval tournament this Saturday, so, certain wardrobes had to be re outfitted, and boys who've outgrown their old costumes must have new ones. I'll try to post pictures of the event some time next week! In the mean time here are some photos I took of the sweetest baby in the world not too long ago. I like the effects after I took them into editing. What do you think?


Brad said...

You had some very cute subject matter to work with here. Kudos!


Lauren said...



Justice Pirate said...

what a sweet little child! aw.

Hannah said...

Hi there! :) This is Hannah from I'm going to be having a Belle fashion event soon & I'd like to know whether you would be interested in spreading the word and/or participating. Please let me know by commenting on my blog or e-mailing me at Thank you! =)

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