Sunday, May 30, 2010

~Mod Modesty Monday: A Spring Wedding and Cabbage Roses!~

~Last Friday our family had the pleasure of attending a friends lovely outdoor wedding! Unfortunately it was a rainy day - not what one hopes for on their wedding day. However, knowing the fickle weather up here, the bride and groom had huge white pavilions set up to shelter their guests while they said their vows. Very convenient and much appreciated!

 ~I decided to spite the rain and general gloominess of the day and dress as though it were sunny! My large sun hat helped with the rain, though I am sorry to say that my bravery did not last the whole day - before long I had to pull out a coat to ward off evening chills...

 ~I particularly love this dress - something about the fabulous way it is cut makes me want to dance! I found it last year at a thrift store in Texas (vintage), and have only worn it a few times. It seemed like a good day to pull it out, spring weddings and floral seem to mix...
 ~I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but, the waist is diamond shaped. 

~Here is a closer detail.

 ~We actually forgot our camera the day of the wedding (and were quite disappointed with ourselves because of it!), so these pictures were taken afterward in our garden. We have a beautiful cluster of wild rose bushes that were only a few feet tall when we moved away, and now they are taller than me!
~Here's a close up of some of our cabbage roses first blooms. These peach ones are my favorite, and we are about to have hundreds! Of all the roses Cabbage Roses are my favorite, they grow as big around as a fist and have what I like to call "cottage appeal".

~Until next Monday then! Tip of the day: don't be afraid to look like old hollywood material - its still glamorous and uber feminine no matter what time you live in! If you are daring and brave, try a pair of gloves and a long scarf - not the knitted kind, the kind that goes "swish". And if you really really want to be counter cultural, you needn't dye your hair blue or get a tattoo, just find yourself a giant floppy hat!


Laura said...

Beautiful dress! Very vintage. :)
And your hat is too cute!!!
Very lovely and feminine!

Carys said...

Beautiful dress, you look so lovely!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your dress! So beautiful!


Lauren said...

Thank you ladies! It is one of my favorite spring dresses... I appreciate the sweet comments!


a la Modest said...

How lovely! I love the thrift find! agree with being counter cultural especially with tattoos!

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