Friday, June 4, 2010

~Tea Time with Flour Sack Tea Towels~

~Its been a couple days since I last posted - and to tell the truth I've been incredibly busy! But here are some pictures I took of our "tea room" this morning, and especially some little white flour sacking "tea" towels we picked up at Walmart yesterday... They are adorable as they are, and I could just leave them alone, but I've decided to do some embroidery magic with my machine over the next couple days. I'll try to post pictures of the finished project when I get a chance! If you are ever at Wallys swing by the kitchen department and take a look at these towels, they come five in a pack for $4.50 - a great price!


Carys said...

These pictures are so lovely, I really want to have a tea party now, I want all of this stuff!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Lauren said...

Thanks for the comment Carys! Yes, there is something so inviting about tea - and a tea room... We've stocked up our tea things collection through many years of thrift store rummaging and the like, its so much fun!


BaronessVonVintage said...

Beautiful!!! Your photos look like pages from Victoria magazine!
My grandmother ALWAYS dried dishes with white floursack tea towels! You've used them so elegantly!

Justice Pirate said...

goodness what a lovely cabinet!!!!

Lauren said...

Baroness Von Vintage,

Thank you for the kind comment! I ADORE Victoria magazine, so, that was the highest compliment you could give me!


Thanks! My family and I have been very blessed with treasures over the years!


Michelle said...

My goodness, how beautiful! You have a real tea room that is separate from a dining room and kitchen?!


I agree with your other commenter. It looks like something right out of a magazine! Of course, so do many of your photos!

Have a blessed weekend, Lauren!

Lauren said...


Thank you for your kind comment!

We actually have a small sitting area off of the dining room that I like to refer to as the "tea room", though a lot of the tea stuff is in the "dining room", they sort of blend together into one. So technically - its not "separate" from the rest! But yes, it is wonderful! And I feel very blessed...

I'm so flattered, once again, by your praise of my photos! Starting a magazine sometime with all manner of girly things in it is actually quite near and dear to my heart, so, who knows? Perhaps someday...

Have a blessed week yourself!


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